TOEFL, The Test of English as a Foreign Language, is accepted by US universities and many English academic and professional institutions.


TOEFL test is taken by the students planning to study at a university or the institution where English in only the medium of instruction and also mandatory requirement of the many institutions for the admissions. Moreover, this test is also used by the immigration departments to issue work permit visas and for other immigration sources according to the requirement.

We at Global Migration Advisors are having best and well qualified professional who is trained to meet the individual needs of student. Each section has limited seats so that each student in class gets equal attention.

We provide study material and work sheets to enhance proficiency levels in learning. We conduct mock tests to evaluate each student based on performance. We recommend the time each student requires for preparation.

We also help student in online registration for TOEFL with ETS TOEFL

Test Format
The four-hour computer-based test consists of four sections that measure the four main language skills. The Test Includes many technological and assessment innovations.

The TOEFL test includes tasks which require integrating multiple skills, and all tasks focus on language used in an academic, higher-education environment. The speaking test is digitally recorded and not face-to- face.

TOEFL Test Components are:
1. Reading – Testing Time – 60 – 100 Minutes – Score Scale between 0-30

2. Listening – Testing Time – 60 – 90 Minutes – Score Scale between 0-30 Break for 10 Minutes

3. Speaking – Testing Time – 20 Minutes – Score Scale between 0-30

4. Writing – Testing Time – 50 Minutes – Score Scale between 0-30

The Reading section measures the ability to understand university-level academic texts. TOEFL test takers read 3–5 passages of approximately 700 words each and answer 12–14 questions about each passage. The Listening section measures the ability to understand spoken English in an academic setting. Test takers listen to 4–6 lectures, each 3–5 minutes long, and listen to 2–3 conversations, each about 3 minutes long. The Speaking section measures test takers’ ability to speak English effectively in educational environments, both inside and outside of the classroom. The Speaking section consists of six tasks: Two of these tasks are independent; that is, test takers receive no oral or written test materials. Writing section measures test takers’ ability to write in an academic environment and includes two tasks — one independent and one integrated.

The total Test Time is Approximately 4 Hours